We take every measure possible to minimise the environmental impact of our products.


You will receive your parcel completely free from single use plastic. We have also tried to remove plastic completely from our production process and are working with our suppliers to become 100% plastic free.


We use digitally printed fabric not just because it looks great, but because it means we can print exactly the amount we need with no setup equipment and no product wastage going into landfill. The colour comes from water based pigments rather than reactive dyes, meaning they are free from restricted chemicals.


All of our scarves and bandanas are made from organic cotton which is certified by Global Organic Textile Standards. 


Every design begins with an original artwork. Many use watercolour paint, but we also work with pen drawings and lino cut printing. Each motif is painted separately, then scanned into the computer.


Next the design is sent off to be printed onto the fabric. This is done with a large scale digital printer that uses water based pigment inks and results in a vibrant high quality print. 

Next the images are edited and carefully arranged to create a seamless repeating pattern.  The colours, scale and layout can be manipulated to create many variations of the same design. 


Finally the printed fabric is delivered and we begin making the products. Everything is cut and sewn by hand here in Central Australia using templates developed through a series of prototypes.